Environmental Hygiene & HAI Articles

Antibacterial soaps, disinfectants, and antiseptics don’t kill bad bacteria

Antibacterial soaps, disinfectants and antiseptics can result in more bacteria according to a blog on the MRSAid website.

How Design Can Improve Infection Prevention And Control

Twenty years ago it was a “forgone conclusion” that some patients would contract a healthcare-associated infection (HAI).

Improving operating room cleaning efficiency

For health care facilities, time is money — and that is especially true in the operating room (OR). ORs often feel a lot of pressure for quick turnover times to help increase the number of surgeries they execute per day.

Evidence of Strategic Behavior in Medicare Claims Reporting

Recent Medicare legislation has been directed at improving patient care quality by penalizing providers for hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). However, asymmetric information prevents Medicare from directly monitoring HAI rates.

Leading the battle to control infections

Environmental services team leading infection battle at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Mass.

Infographic: Understanding and preventing hospital-acquired infections

Cleaning Services Group, a UK-based cleaning company, has produced an infographic exploring some of the more common HAIs.

Understanding The True Cost Of HAIs

Hospital leaders must balance competing priorities on a daily basis. Improving the quality of care and increasing patient satisfaction are ever-present goals. At the same time, there is pressure to reduce costs and protect the bottom line.

Using a Tracking System to Improve Infection Control and Patient Outcomes

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) are among the leading causes of patient disability and mortality as well as financial loss for health care institutions.

Cleaning staff cuts are putting patients at risk: hospital union

Cuts to cleaning staff at Élizabeth Bruyère Hospital are putting patients at increased risk of infection, warns the union that represents workers there.

Infection control in the US: 2015 year in review

In a year when quality and infection control in healthcare has been top-of-mind for healthcare executives as these two elements are increasingly tied to their organizations' bottom lines.