Our Control System ensures that the Indigo-Clean light fixtures are in the proper mode according to occupancy, eliminating human error and guaranteeing the right amount of disinfection for the space.

IC100 Series Controller System

The IC100 controller system ensures that the Indigo-Clean fixtures provide thelighting required for normal room operations while also continuously killing harmful bacteria, 24/7.

IC Controller Diagram

During periods of occupancy, this IC100 control system is designed to set the Indigo-Clean fixtures into White Disinfection Mode, which provides comfortable white light, yet maintains a level of continuous disinfection to harmful bacteria. After the room has been unoccupied for a time, the control system will set the Indigo-Clean luminaires to Indigo Disinfection Mode, which provides maximum disinfection to harmful bacteria.

White Disinfection Mode

White disinfection mode provides ambient lighting and continuous environmental disinfection while room is occupied

Indigo Disinfection Mode

Indigo disinfection mode can be selected to provide maximum continuous disinfection when room is not in use

Indigo-Clean products and technology covered by U.S. Patent No. US 9,039,966 and US 8,398,264. May also be covered by patents found at www.kenall.com/patents or other patents pending.